CASology Week 16

CASology 16          First things first … a big thank you to everyone who visited and commented on my recent CASology entries … I love to read your thoughts on what I create … and I’m so inspired by everyone else’s work.  Your enthusiasm is delicious … it warms my heart 🙂

We change the clocks this weekend, so we gain an hour sometime around 2.00am tomorrow … whilst I’m not planning on staying up to see it arrive (is there anyone who does that??), I am going to enjoy an extra hour of playtime today!  Playtime started this afternoon with the CASology challenge where the theme is ‘Wild’.  Actually I managed a bit of a play on Thursday evening too which was most agreeable, although I haven’t used the idea here as I couldn’t quite perfect it.  If I get the chance a bit later, I may just tweak it a little and submit it as a second entry.

Today’s offering was inspired by two things … Ardyth’s hand drawn seal image (thanks Ardyth!) and the 65km winds we’ve had here today, which rendered my hair, although short, a wild tousled mess … which one do you think I am on the card?!  Mmm … ‘wild’ I thought … so I did some doodling and this is the result.  Last week’s entry was also black and white, so in an attempt to do something different here, I tried different colours for the hair.  I admit, it was definitely wild, I just thought this worked better!  Colours next week then 🙂

Here’s what I used:  Cardstock:  Crafter’s Companion, Fineliner:  American Crafts, Lettering:  Docrafts.

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday … thanks for coming by … Anita

13 thoughts on “CASology Week 16

  1. Bobby

    I so wanted to do a wild hair day card for this challenge. But, alas, I have no stamp (I’m not a stamper), no Cricut images, and not much talent for drawing. You, on the other hand, did a great job. I love itl

  2. Judy1223

    Anita, this is just adorable! And with some bad weather headed our way (and very high winds expected), I’m guessing we may look like all of the above! I love your doodles and their sweet smiles, no matter how wild their hair looks! Great card!

  3. Ardyth

    Way to go! This is just amazing ! You did really well with the drawing/doodling! Thanks for going wild with us at CASology this week!

  4. Melissa

    Hahaha! This is cute beyond words, Anita! Love, love LOVE your doodling and I’m always a big fan of smiley faces!!! 🙂
    Thank you so much for following along and playing at CASology! So happy to have you with us!


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