Addicted to CAS Week 1 – Snow & Less is More Week 95 – Glamour and Glitz

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This really isn’t a new post … it’s just that when I did my original post (see the next one down, it’s the same card!), the links to Addicted to CAS and Less is More wouldn’t work … I was told the link was already there (along with everyone else’s lovely creations), but when I checked, it wasn’t on either one (it was fine on Unscripted Sketches and CAS-ual Fridays though so I don’t know what happened!).  Anyway, I’ve tried about a dozen times to get it linked and can’t (and I am feeling a smidgy bit frustrated that I don’t know enough to fix it!), so I thought maybe if I do a separate post, I could link it … here’s hoping!

Everything is on the previous post, so just roll down and it’ll all be there.  Thanks so much for coming by, especially if you’ve already seen this!  Anita 🙂

5 thoughts on “Addicted to CAS Week 1 – Snow & Less is More Week 95 – Glamour and Glitz

  1. Chrissie

    There were some odd things going on with Blogger recently Anita, several people emailed me about it, I’m glad you managed to get this lovely card linked eventually!
    Thanks so much
    “Less is More”

  2. Shana Gaff

    Cute! I love the little hanging snowflakes! Glad you got your card entered. The internet can be so frustrating sometimes! lol Thanks for joining us for our first challenge at ATCAS!


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