CASology Week 21 (Time) … Again

CASology 21 Kangaroo         

Sometimes an idea gets into your head, and insists on hanging around until you’ve done something with it … this was the case with my second card for CASology this week.  Yes … I can hear you … what’s a kangaroo got to do with time?  Well … are you sitting comfortably … here goes!

We were pondering the infinite possibilities of how the cue word could be used in an eccentric unconventional way … and as usual, resorted to plays on words and songs (I put the latter entirely down to Ardyth’s OLW ‘Song in my Heart’ challenge!).  So, Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper and Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce  were both contenders … that was until the Rolf Harris classic Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport came to mind (get it?).  OK, I admit, it’s a bit obscure but hey, isn’t obscure ‘a good thing’ sometimes?  Voila, my ‘Ti-me’ card 🙂  I hand drew the image from one I found on the internet, coloured it with Promarkers and did the sentiment on the computer (Lithos Pro Regular Font).  If you look closely, you’ll notice K’roo here is winking … he loves obscure too … ok, you’re right, the colouring bled just a little into one eye … I really must get some of those fine nib adapters!

Now, quite naturally, if you’re talking about songs with kangaroos in them, no conversation would be complete without Skippy the Bush Kangaroo … able to leap tall buildings in one bound, fly a helicopter, communicate with humans (of course) and vanquish thieves, poachers and any other general baddies in the Waratah National Park near Sydney (the park was fictional but the stories were really … um … real?!).  Skippy was on TV in the 70s and everybody knew the theme tune … want to listen to it?  You can, here.  Enjoy that?  Takes you back doesn’t it … did you sing along?

On that note (!), I’m off to do a bit of creating, so I should be back later with something new.  Thanks so much for dropping in … Anita 🙂

7 thoughts on “CASology Week 21 (Time) … Again

  1. shirley-bee

    Ardyth has a lot to answer for, hasn’t she 😉 Absolutely love this take on the cue word! BTW, “Skippy” was alive and well and living in Waratah Park sanctuary (the national park was fictional but there was a commercial sanctuary) when we were there in the Eighties.

  2. Geri Greening

    OMG! I had forgotten all about Skippy The Bush Kangaroo. That song is going to be stuck in my head for days now! This is absolutely a hoot! I laughed out loud – TI ME a kangaroo down boys, tie me a kangaroo down…..another song that I will be humming all day. Seriously, how in the heck did you think of that? I thought that your clock card was clever, but this blows clever right out of the water!!! You have definitely captured the spirit of challenges. Are you staying up a nights coming up with these great ideas? In my opinion, you are capturing the true essence of a challenge! You got my vote with Skippy!

    Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2012 12:42:51 +0000 To:

  3. Ardyth

    Hey! I hear you and Shirley talking about me here! And after I’ve been leaving such nice comments, too! lol! (BTW, there’s ALWAYS a song in my head and it often comes out as a card, although this afternoon’s refrain was mostly “I hate Photoshop” until I learned how to do something new quite accidentally!). I have never heard this song or of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, so thank you for furthering my education. This guy is adorable and you are much more adventurous than I in your drawing endeavors – I would never have attempted something so complex! I’m so glad you found more TIME to play with us – it’s always fun to see what you come up with!

  4. Rosemary D

    ha!!! too funny and a really clever take on the song, anita!! yep… i knew exactly what song you were referring to… hee hee!!


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