CR84FN Color Challenge #68 (Burgundy, Grey, Cream)


I’ve done a single challenge here for CR84FN, where the luscious colours are burgundy, grey and cream (the next few will definitely be combined ones, there are too many Christmas cards still to make!).  Because I’ve not combined it with any other challenge, I’ve been able to make it a little less CAS than otherwise, although as minimal and ordered is my natural state, it’s CAS-ish.

The inspiration here came from the flowers in the middle panel of the badge above (aren’t they splendid), so I tried something new.  I created the different shades of burgundy flowers from paper circles, hand cut into spirals, loosely wound up with the ends glued in place.  The centres are teeny tiny rolls of paper, that I cut into along the top edges to make the ‘frills’ before they were rolled and stuck down.  I fixed the flowers in place on the matted centre panel using glossy accents, added the centres afterwards, again with glossy accents (so great for fixing chunky stuff) and popped the grey leaves in place before it was all dry.  The dimension isn’t too clear on the photo, but if you have time to click on it, you’ll get the full effect!

I absolutely know I have no chance of finding an envelope to fit this into (it’s around a centimetre deep) … but I don’t mind, it was such fun to make … took me back to the days of paper flowers and papier maché in primary school (but rather more delicate!).  So when the time comes for me to send it, it’ll get it’s own, custom made boxelope!

Just before I go, and following on from my last post, I have some news about Skippy (thanks to Shirley, who met her some years ago) … at the time, she was alive and well (and no doubt still carrying out rescue missions) at her home in Waratah.  I just knew you’d want to know!

I’ll be back over the next few days with some more creations, but in the meantime, have a great week.  Thanks so much for your visit, and especially so if you’ve had chance to make a comment.  Anita 🙂

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