First Card CASEd

Congratulations are in order because over at MASKerade, Ardyth is celebrating her one year blogaversary … with a challenge …it’s to CASE the first card you ever blogged … what a fab and fun idea!  My blogging adventure started in September, so I don’t have too far to go back.  Happily, my first blogged card wasn’t the first card I made whilst ‘playing with paper’ (never kept a copy of it … shame!), however, if there was a copy, this is what it would look like now …

Brown Paper Bag 1

and having admitted to making it, this is what I would be wearing …

Brown Paper Bag 2

The first card I did blog though was for a weekend-long event called Cropped Event … and the challenge was to include sponging on your card.  I hadn’t done that before … so, first card of it’s type, first online card thing I’d done, and first blog post … phew!   This is the card …

Cropped Challenge 1 by Anita Raffo

I still haven’t done a lot of sponging since (just the once, a couple of weeks ago), so rather than CASing the whole card, I’ve focused on one bit … the technique of sponging.  There are so many of you that achieve the most amazing results with this technique and I’d love to get off the starting blocks with it … so this is what I did …

CASEd First Card

I clear embossed the versamark stamped image, masked where I didn’t want ink and started sponging … and kept going … and going … and going.  Is it supposed to take ages (really, ages)?  There are five different colours of yellow and orange … the lightest first, covering the whole area, the second covering about four fifths from the top, and so on … after a loooong time, I was happy with the depth of colour and that I’d managed to avoid getting ink where it shouldn’t go … so in celebration, I added a ribbon and bow!

Ardyth, if you hadn’t come up with such a great idea, I would never have thought of doing this … I’m so pleased you did ’cause now I have got off the starting blocks … thank you!

There’s a bit to do on another card I’d like to share later, so I’m off to do that … thanks so much for popping in … Anita 🙂

Supplies:  Cardstock: Crafter’s Companion,  Stamp/Ink: Personal Impressions/Versamark,  Sponging Ink: Marvy le Plume Watercolour Pens (scribbled onto an acrylic block), Sponging Tool:  Ranger,  Ribbon: Stash

5 thoughts on “First Card CASEd

  1. shirley-bee

    Well, it always takes me ages… especially to get intense colour. Love the flower image stamped in clear – it looks like wax resist. I also love your first card, especially that halo around the moon.

  2. Ardyth

    Your paper bags make me laugh! Styles and skills change over time (thank goodness!) so I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of. I love your new sunny, cheery card, although your original has great night-time atmosphere, so I love it too! Thanks so much for playing along, Anita!

  3. Kelly Griglione

    Anita, you’re first card is really well done! Now that makes this a really good challenge for you, doesn’t it?! I haven’t tried this technique yet of sponging the ink in layers, but I quite like the concept. Might have to give it a try soon … thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Gillian

    Your first card is fab, great sponging for your first attempt. Your new card is just lovely and again brilliant sponging, it’s something I still find difficult


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