CASology #30 (Fairytale)

The team at CASology have really pushed the boat out this week with the cue card ‘Fairytale’ … don’t you just love it?  Where to go with this one?  There was plenty of inspiration from the GD (Darnell) and DT … from childhood fairy tales to personal fairytale endings and so much in between, so there was lots to spark the creative mind.  I’ve gone with a traditional fairy tale so please read on …

CASology 30         

Everyone knows this one … it’s so romantic, all about the son of the king who, whilst out riding one day, hears a beautiful girl singing from a high window, at the top of a tall tower with no door and no ladder.  He is so taken with the voice he determines to find a way into the tower.  He hides behind some thick bushes hoping to see someone coming and going.  Some time later, he hears a wicked witch shout up to the window ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair’ but because he is too well hidden he can’t see how that helps the witch to get in.  However, he’s a tenacious type and once the witch has gone, he goes to the bottom of the tower and shouts up to the window ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair’.  As he waits, he hears huffing and puffing and the clanking of a pulley, which causes him to look up to the window … Rapunzel is letting down her Golden Hare.

The Hare is, of course, magic (being golden and glittery) and can speak seven languages.  He tells the king’s son all about how he has dug a tunnel that runs under the thick tower walls, knowing that one day a handsome prince would appear to liberate Rapunzel.  As the king’s son is suitably handsome and therefore fits the bill, the Hare tells him how to access the tunnel and rescue Rapunzel.  In no time at all, the Handsome Prince (for that is what he now is) has made his way into the tower and has led Rapunzel to freedom.  She is so happy that she’s been rescued from the clutches of the wicked witch by the Handsome Prince (as any girl would be), she accepts said Handsome Prince’s offer of marriage.  So, in true fairy tale style, the Handsome Prince, Rapunzel and her Golden Hare ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after.  The End.

If you’re still there … thank you!  I’m only just still here … it’s way past bedtime and I should have been in bed a long time ago … p’raps you suspected that.  On that note, I’ll wish you a good night … thanks so much, as ever, for taking the time to come by, I so appreciate it!  Anita 🙂

13 thoughts on “CASology #30 (Fairytale)

  1. Geri G

    Thanks for the Rapunzel refresher! Seriously, I had forgotten all but the throwing down of the hair part! Loved this post! Another clever interpretation of the challenge! Swell brick tower wall – touches like this are what ALWAYS make your cards stand out.

  2. Monika Reeck

    Soo cute Images and love your simplicity…lovely card…..good luck with the challenge..

    I am also joining the Casology challenge, my card is number 38, would you mind to see it on my blog? I would be so happy if you also could leave me some love :), many thanks before :), Monika

  3. Rosemary D

    really fun take on the fairytale cue word, anita!! love your creativity!! thanks so much for playing along with CASology so faithfully… it wouldn’t be the same without you!!

  4. Ardyth

    What a giggle! I can see Disney coming and buying this story from you! lol! I love how you’ve made the tower from bricks. Thanks so much for playing along with CASology this week!

  5. Judy1223

    Oh, Anita! We have been treated by a sweet card and a very entertaining story today! You have me smiling ear to ear over here! (You could write another version of the book I referenced at my blog…so funny!) I love the “golden hare” and the section of wall…a true CAS card! Thanks for joining us at CASology again this week!

  6. Kelly Griglione

    Hi Anita! What a great fairy tale you’ve come up with for this card and challenge! Love how you documented your thought process … you’ve got a lot of good imagination! A great entry, indeed.


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