Unscripted Sketches #204 and Some Help Please!

This morning I was woken at an ungodly hour very early by a howling wind that’d caught one of the shutters, which was in turn rattling and banging alarmingly … so off I padded to find said shutter and … um … shut it.  By then, I was AWAKE … nothing like a quick blast of howling wind through your PJs to send any thoughts of sleep scurrying for cover!  Anyhow, having now finished all my things-to-do-in-the-morning, I have a little time whilst it’s getting light to share a card with you.  It’s for Unscripted Sketches

Unscripted Sketches 204


I turned the sketch 90 degrees,used my Cricut Jubilee cartridge to cut the letters out and backed the panel with a Promarker coloured ‘wash’.  The sentiment (WPlus9) was coloured in the same shades (although it’s not come out well in the photo) and it’s at the bottom instead of above/in the ‘O’ (I tried it there and the balance wasn’t right).  Instead of a ribbon or twine along the bottom, I punched a line of little circles and then mounted the panel on the base card with dimensionals.

In my last post, I welcomed batuck to the ranks of the Froggers but couldn’t find a blog to link to … Ann’s now been in touch (thanks Ann!) … she’s at Cardmaking 101 in Australia … check out the amazing things Ann’s doing with traditional and digi stamps!

Help!  I have a techy problem, and as some of you well know, I’m not particularly techy, so I’d really appreciate some help from anyone who is (and let’s face it almost everyone is more techy than I am!).  Firefox did an update this week and since then I’ve not been able to leave comments on some Blogspot blogs … those that have pop up boxes are ok, it’s the others that aren’t (Geri‘s and Shirley‘s are examples).  I’ve tried using my usual WordPress address and also an gmail address but neither works … what I’ve written just disappears into the ether.  Can anyone shed any light or let me know what I need to do to fix it?  Thanks!  In the meantime, though, if your blog is not a pop-up-box-for-commenting one, I’m really sorry … I can’t leave you a comment 😦

I’ll be meandering around the ether later tonight but for now, thanks so much for coming by, I really enjoy your visits and comments!  Anita 🙂

13 thoughts on “Unscripted Sketches #204 and Some Help Please!

  1. shirley-bee

    Urgh, don’t you just hate being woken too early! Love how the ombre wash shows through the ‘O’, and the the little row of dots is great emphasis for the sentiment. Can’t help you with the Firefox problem, but I’ve changed my comment box to pop-up.

  2. Ardyth

    Love the card – that wash in the background is so beautiful! Don’t have the firefox problem, but I do have problems with some typepad blogs. So frustrating when you want to leave a comment, but can’t!

  3. Bev

    Gorgeous card. Love the depth, colors, and the wash. The little dots pull your eye right to the other part of your sentiment. Yum! Your comments to my blog are getting through. I use Google Chrome after hearing about general troubles with Firefox. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Oh, and yesterday I set my alarm for 6, but I’d neglected to reset the clock to DST…so was up at 5. Duh!! I think you deserve a nap today if you want!!! Bev

  4. Geri G.

    You definitely have the “PRO” in Promarker covered girl! This is so perfectly blended with the absolute bang on choice of gradient colors! So clever to add a bit of color to the sentiment.

    Hey, you can give this card to yourself because you truly are “AMAZING”!

    1. Geri G.

      Wish I had some tech advice for you but I’m dumb as a bag of hammers when it comes to anything techie related!

  5. kimheggins

    Anita, you are so creative! I love how you turned this sketch on its side and then just ran away with it…another winner in my book. I love everything about it.

  6. Christine Smith

    Poor you getting woken up like that, not good at all! I can’t help with the techy problem cause I am rubbish at that sort of thing. If I get any problems, I just panic! Your cards is fabulous! I love the colours and it looks so cool! xx

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  8. Geri

    Whooo Hoooo You! Yay – a top three shout out at Unscripted my friend! Very well deserved cuz this card is truly a STUNNER!!!

  9. BarbGhig

    I just read your post in its’ entirety…I have also had problems with Firefox, and when all else fails, I open Internet Explorer and I’m able to leave comments on all blogs.
    I hope this helps…I understand how frustrating it is!


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