One Layer Wednesday #135 (Tall and Thin)

Our challenge from Heather for One Layer Wednesday this week is to create a tall and thin card … mine’s 7.5cm x 20.5cm (3″ x 8″) …

OLW 135

This little three line stamp is part of a Paper Smooches set (Spiffy Scooters) and I’ve wanted to play with it for a while to see what I could do with it … this is the result.  I drew a pencil line 2.5cm in from the fold to act as a guide and then stamped across it, using a different colour watercolour pen to swipe across the stamp each time, finishing with the PS sentiment (because it’s an outline and a bit punny … tall … high?)   Oh, and I rubbed the pencil line out.  I rather like the effect … I may have to play about a bit more with it.

Now I have a question … is it just happening to me (which is possible given last week’s computer antics) or has blogspot changed the way it displays pop up comment boxes?  This week, all the pop up boxes are coming up as a full page and obscuring the card I’m commenting on.  It’s a nuisance more than anything … I like to look at the card I’m talking about … anyone shed any light?

Finally tonight, I’d like to join with so many others in thoughts and prayers for those killed, injured and touched by the bombing in Boston … may the Lord lay His hands gently upon them and keep them and their families in His loving care.

As ever, thanks so much for your visits and comments, they’re so appreciated.  Anita 🙂

12 thoughts on “One Layer Wednesday #135 (Tall and Thin)

  1. Ann T

    What a fun way to use that line stamp! Love your card and your use of colour, Anita. I have just discovered Paper Smooches, and also love their quirky take on the everyday things we are used to.

  2. Geri G

    Hi…High! You crack me up girl! This is just as clever as ever!

    Sweet staggered stripes of sensational shades, snuggled sideways on a simply snazzy and superbly spacial scenario!

  3. kimheggins

    Anita, just too cute!!! Wish I were tall and thin like your card. This is an amazing card, so creative and fun with your choice of colors. I love that you measured it every step of the way. So darn cute! Thank you again for your sweet comments you always leave on my blog, you are an incredible source of inspiration to me.

  4. Christine Smith

    I really love this card! It looks so cool and with brown tones would make a brilliant guy card. I am not having that problem with blogger but, at the moment, it won’t let me do a new post! It just hangs in ‘loading’ and is driving me mad!!!!! I only like technology when it works! xx

  5. Ardyth

    This is a wonderful card – I love that they’re not all lined up (which I would have had to do!) and the watercolour look of it. Glad you played along! Now come to MASKerade, because the next OLW is up!

    1. Bev

      Oh you clever girl! I would have never thought of doing this! This card is so much fun and so happy. The stack conjures images of playing Jenga with the kids, (I always lost). And I love the punny sentiment–girl, you’re a hoot! Love it. Bev

  6. Kelly Griglione

    Hahaha, I get it!! Certainly a “high”‘ card : ) Love your playing around with the 3 lines … turned out so well here. I agree, so many more possibilities with that little wonder. I haven’t had any issues with the comment box in blogger … maybe it will go back to normal after rebooting?! (I know, really technical, right?)


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