Less is More #119 (Coloured Card Blank OLC), CASology #44 (Bloom)

Monsieur Mojo and Madame Inspiration have been on holiday … they didn’t let me know they were going … nope, not a word… but go they did, for ten days … yes, ten.  And not a call or a postcard in between times.  Now they’re back (hoorah), but you know what it’s like after a good holiday … normal service tends to be a bit slow in being resumed.  I did ask them, however, if they would give me a hand with this week’s challenges at Less is More (a one layer card using a coloured base) and CASology (Bloom), and whilst they don’t feel quite on top form yet, they agreed … and helped me come up with this …

LIM 119, CASology 44

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Between us, we decided on a Bazzill Basics card base, and a Penny Black image/Kaisercraft sentiment stamped and embossed in white.  The flower petals were coloured with a neon pink Sakura Glaze Pen and the whole thing was grounded on two scored lines, highlighted with white fine liner.  The sprinkle of bling was coloured with the Glaze Pen to match the petals.  Considering this is their first day back, MM and MI didn’t do too badly really!

Moving along, I’m delighted to introduce you to another couple of new friends who’ve joined the ranks of the Froggers … Jill C and Flo A … welcome ladies, and thank you 🙂  I haven’t found a blog or gallery for either of you, but if you have one and would like me to add a link, do please let me know.

That’s it for now, I’m hoping MM amd MI will be feeling more like themselves and ready to get back to their usual routine over the weekend … if so, I’ll be back with a little something then.  If not, expect to see fur flying!  Thanks so much, as always, for coming by … I so appreciate your visits and comments!  Anita 🙂

25 thoughts on “Less is More #119 (Coloured Card Blank OLC), CASology #44 (Bloom)

  1. kimheggins

    Anita, you have been missed! And so happy that you found your friends again…I can see from your card that the three of you had a great time putting this beauty together too. Stunning and fabulous colors! I love that bright blue with the splashes of neon pink, so cheerful and festive for wishing a friend a wonderful day!

  2. hannelie

    I was wondering why I didn’t see any cards… checking to see if my feedly got rid of you, but no… there was Anita in her papercraft world… but no cards! LOL! It was worth waiting… cause this is… GORGEOUS!

  3. Ardyth

    Holy moly – if this is what they do when they’re still recovering, we’re all in for some treats in upcoming days! This is stunning. Love the bold pink on the aqua! Thanks so much for playing along with us at CASology this week!

  4. Rosemary D

    beautiful card, anita! i’m so glad that monsieur mojo and madame inspiration returned! I have missed seeing your lovely creations!

  5. Bev

    Okay. I just love this. Perfect color choices, to which I attribute to you, and not MM & MI. Those flowers are some of the prettiest I’ve seen. Love the long stems and the grounding beneath them. So gorgeous. Have a great weekend, and I’ll ‘see’ you when I get back.

  6. Geri G.

    Wow – awesome job drawing the white lines inside the embossed line – gonna have to call you ‘Steady Eddie’ after accomplishing this task with such precision!

    Glad to see that Monsieur Mojo and Madame Inspiration have returned because I sure have missed your entertaining posts and beautiful creations!

    Awesome job coloring the flower petals. I’m surprised how well the Sakura gel pen covered the blue paper! Love the colors and the splashes of bling!

  7. baileyrosy

    Anita my mojo has been away ( and still is ) maybe mine was with yours, France is always so beautiful this time of year. I have to say that this card really jumped out at me and has to be one of my favourite cards of all time, the colours are fantabulous I adore it this really made my week.


  8. Jenny M

    I think Mr and Mrs Mojo are pulling your leg when they say they are recovering slowly!! This is fabulous.. the colours really are something else Anita. Good to see you back again and tell the mojos they did good :0)
    Jenny x

  9. Lucy Librarian

    Glad that Monsieur Mojo and Madame Inspiration have returned – how inconsiderate of them to not tell you they were going 😉 Fab card – I love the colour cobmination – brilliantly bright!

  10. Sue

    This looks fabulous, Anita! The red and white look amazing on the turquoise. Great idea using gel pen to colour in as it gives the coverage! Thank you for the tip. Sue x

  11. Judy1223

    Anita, I would say that Monsieur Mojo and Madame Inspiration have returned in top form…I love the white embossing against such a pretty blue base. Genius! Thanks for playing along at CASology!

  12. Maureen Merritt

    The white embossing and colored flowers really pop here! Thanks for playing along at CASology this week!

  13. Melissa

    Mojo and Inspiration sure are talented…even when still recovering from vacation! I’d say their little vacation was just what the doctor ordered because this is a stunner! WOW!
    Thanks so much for joining us at CASology! 🙂

  14. Claire A

    Oh this is gorgeous Anita – you really are ‘queen of clean!’ I had a good chuckle over Monsieur Mojo and Madame Inspiration going on holiday!


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