One Layer Wednesday #142 (Ardyth-Style)

I have a card to share tonight for One Layer Wednesday where Ardyth is the host (yes, she of birthday bash fame last week!)  … and her challenge is to make a card in her style.  Yes, you may be experiencing that deja vu feeling … however, as my birthday card for Ardyth wasn’t one layer, I get another opportunity to do Ardyth style … yay!  Here it is …


OLW 142I used a Paper Smooches image, coloured with watercolour pens in blue hues and stamped, overlapping, across the card.  Mmm, I thought, it lacks something.  Of course … glitter.  So, I took some Stickles and started dotting … originally intending to highlight just the one circle … but I liked the effect so much, I just got carried away and did the lot.  Then I went out.

You’d think that after three hours, the Stickles would be completely and crunchilly dry … at least I did.  So, took the picture, loaded it up, looked at it … and now know that it wasn’t dry … can’t really miss the smudges where the first circle meets the second.    I also now know that it wasn’t dry as I’ve looked down at my fingers … anyone ever had a particularly glittery keyboard?  Anyone tried to clean it off?  I haven’t dared look at the camera yet.

So, I apologise … it was a ‘perfect circles within circles’ graphic card, with glittered dots and including aqua as a colour choice (all so Ardyth).  Now it’s not.  I would have done it again if I’d been ahead of myself and made it days ago, but I wasn’t … and now it’s late, the deadline will be reached whilst I’m sleeping (which I hope will be shortly … cleanup permitting), and this is all I’ve got!

I was planning on having a quiet wander around blogland before bed … instead I’m off to explore the cleaning cupboard and see if there’s a hidden packet of ‘This’ll-Get-Glitter-Glue-Off-Anything’ that I can use to good effect.  I’ll be back tomorrow.  Thanks so much for coming by, your visits and comments really are a delight!  Anita 🙂

11 thoughts on “One Layer Wednesday #142 (Ardyth-Style)

  1. Bev

    Great concept, Anita. Sorry about the smudgies and smearies. Good luck with the glitter/glue on the keyboard and camera. I’m sure that with enough cussing, it will all come off…hopefully… eventually. I have to say I love the blues. And I do so love glitter. But only where you want it to be. Sleep well my friend.

  2. Geri G

    Oh, so perfectly Ardyth! Wee teenie smudge? Hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it. These colors are gorgeous and I love how you overlapped the circles – creates beautiful movement from one side of the card to the sentiment on the other.side. This PS sentiment is a wonderful choice – fun & whimsical, just like the stickled circles 🙂

  3. Joyce M.

    This is a fabulous one layer card. Love all the different shades of blue. I am totally sympathetic to your smudging–it has happened to me, too. They told me a Paper Source that Stickles need to dry overnight, and anytime I try to see if they are really telling the truth, I find out that they really need that much time. Doesn’t take away from the fabulousness, though–adds to the effect.

  4. kimheggins

    Love your card, smugges and all. I love the way it looks and before I read what you wrote, I thought that was part of your card. Beautiful shades of blue and love the sparkles, so festive!

  5. Ardyth

    First – I was looking at this stamp yesterday – it hasn’t been inked yet, and I was surprised – because it is such a ‘me’ stamp. Also I am here to definitively tell you that most of my cards have little smudges or some other imperfections (I did not notice yours until you pointed it out), so this is definitely an Ardyth card! lol! I’m so glad you played along, Anita! I love all the blues and the sparkly. As for the keyboard, when your computer is turned off, try a very slightly damp cloth. Good luck!

  6. Barbara Roe

    Anita it is a great card (of course) and I love the shades of blue. Little mistakes happen but our cards are handmade and there will be imperfections. The card I just finished has two tiny, tiny droplets of coffee.

  7. Kim S

    Oh I hope your camera is OK. I can’t believe it smudged after all that time. But, honestly, I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t said anything. The overall effect is wonderful!

  8. Christine Smith

    Brilliant card – I would not have noticed the smudge if you hadn’t said! its a brilliant idea for a male card – might have to steal the general idea if that is ok? Love it! xx


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