One Layer Wednesday #144 (Red, White, Blue)

Cheryl is the host at One Layer Wednesday this week and as it’s coming up to the 4th July celebrations in the USA, she’s chosen red, white and blue as the theme.  Whilst I haven’t used the traditional patriotic stars and stripes images for my card, I have followed (sort of) the colour scheme  …

OLW  144

I was inspired by a swathe of self seeded red poppies growing in a still wild and untouched part of the ‘garden’ … the weather had been glorious with soft, wide, blue skies and bright sunshine … and these delicate, almost papery flowers were fluttering gently in the breeze.  It merited a photo, but for one reason or another (probably involving stone and mortar) I didn’t get to it … and overnight and all today we had storms and torrential rain … so there’s not a lot left of the poppies, and that lovely blue sky is well hidden under a blanket of grey.  I didn’t bother with a rainy-green-stalks-and-dull-grey-sky photo … not really too … umm … inspiring.

The image is a Craftwork Cards one, stamped repeatedly on a sky blue base and embossed in white.  I coloured the flower heads with a red glaze pen and added the Stampendous sentiment, also embossed in white.  Done … a swathe of stylised poppies.

Moving along … a warm hello and welcome to ‘sedurrant’, who joined the ranks of the Froggers this week … thank you 🙂  Please let me know if you’d like me to add a link to your blog or gallery, if you have one … for now I only have your email.

That’s it for me for tonight … thanks so much for calling in, your visits and comments are always a joy!  Anita 🙂

14 thoughts on “One Layer Wednesday #144 (Red, White, Blue)

  1. kimheggins

    Oh, this is too cute! I love the shade of blue you choose to use. Your sweet little posies all done up in white with red blooms, so fun and very festive! Did you happen to take a photo of the beautiful poppies from your garden??? I would love to see them if you did. Stunning card Anita!

  2. Ardyth

    Oh, clever! Love those pops of red on the blue background – way to think outside the box on this one!

  3. Joyce M.

    This is really wonderful, and such a creative take on the color scheme. I love that blue background–it is so unexpected and looks terrific with the white embossing.

  4. Cheryl

    Anita, Your card is beautiful, and such a great take on the color theme! I can only imagine how gorgeous that field is with red poppies! I’m so glad you joined us this week for One-Layer Wednesday!

  5. Geri G

    Love your interpretation of red, white & blue! Your beautifully written post made those poppies come to life in my mind! I could certainly see them dancing in the soft gentle breezes, heads turned up to the warmth of the sun! A beautiful image, imprinted in your mind that couldn’t be washed away by the storms! Perfectly embossed…love the red gel pen flowers and the sweet wee sentiment, resting gently atop the blossoms!

  6. Rosemary D

    love your take on red, white and blue, anita!! so much prettier than the traditional stars and stripes scheme! your wonderful description of the poppies in your garden had me “seeing” them even without a photo!

  7. Bev

    I also dropped my iPad when I saw your amazing card! This is so beautiful. I adore poppies, and your card reminds me of a field full I played in when I was a little thing. Madly in love with your card. It’s a winner for sure. Really, I love this. : )

  8. Kelly Griglione

    So appreciate that you picked a different theme for your red, white and blue. Your grove of poppies are so elegantly simple against your sky! Sorry to hear about the damage the storm did to your real life poppies. They don’t grow well around here (let alone in the wild!), so are very exotic to me. Next year I’ll look for a pic : )


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