Less is More #125 (Sand)


My lovely friend Hannelie is the super talented Guest Designer at Less is More this week … and in her honour, Chrissie and Jen have chosen ‘Sand’ as the theme (you’ll know why if you already know Hannelie’s blog … if not, check it out, you’re in for such a treat :).

I know this is a challenge and it’s supposed to be … um … challenging, but oh how I struggled.  How many of my experiments ideas hit the paper bin?   Innumerable.  How long did I spend looking for the right colour sandpaper?  You really don’t want to know.   How much double sided tape and sand (destined for joints in stonework) did I waste?  Just don’t go there.   So after all that, what I have I come up with to screech in at the last minute?  This …

LIM 126

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This is so far out of my comfort zone I can hardly sit still to post it.  One subtle colour throughout (sand), one bordered white base, one image (AnnaBelle Stamps) and a one word sentiment (also ABS).  The comfortable bit (phew) is the popping up of the image.

I’m feeling the need now to have a long lie down in a darkened room till this uncomfortable-zone feeling goes away.  I will be back to have a wander through blogland later though, when I recovered some equilibrium.  Until then, thanks so much for your visits and comments … they’re always a joy!  Anita 🙂

19 thoughts on “Less is More #125 (Sand)

  1. Bev

    So, you’ve nailed this challenge. Using the color sand…now, why didn’t I think of that???? This is so perfectly CAS. Two colors, wonderful. I’m thinking this one is a winner. Love this. And if it doesn’t sound too weird, just changing the sentiment would make this a nice sympathy card too. Love this.

  2. Jenny M

    Well however you’re feeling outside your comfort zone, I think this is beautifully simple and the image just fits the colour perfectly… definitely a card you’ll grow to love too :0)
    Jenny x

  3. Barbara Roe

    Oh my the card is lovely. No one would believe you struggled. I am beginning to think most of us are uncomfortable out of our comfort zone but it can be so rewarding.

  4. Kim S

    I’m glad that I’m not the only who spends huge amounts of time on things that should be simple!! I do really like where you settled!!

  5. kimheggins

    You are so funny….you would never know from looking at this card that you were out of your comfort zone and that you tossed many in the recycle bin either. This is simply amazing, so beautiful. peaceful and serine. I love it!

  6. hannelie

    Anita… I appreciate EVERY moment you spent to get here!
    It was so worth it!
    Thanks so much for your effort and your precious friendship!

  7. Sandie

    Hi Anita, I am back home now and ready to be inspired by you! And, you may think this is out of your comfort zone but I have to say, I adore it-the subtle design and stamping is serene x

  8. Kelly Griglione

    Hahaha, you crack me up Anita with your commentary on being uncomfortable! You would certainly NEVER know it : ) Now I really want to see your double-sided tape joints!


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