One Layer Wednesday #162 (Leaves)

Squeezing in with a card for One Layer Wednesday tonight … Heather is the host this week and the theme is leaves …

OLW  162

I was inspired firstly by this glorious leaf card by Anya Schrier (it’s one of my pins on Pinterest … I’m up to a whole five!) and then by a card I made way back in February, also for OLW, here.   I used similar colours and layout to those Anya used, only in a mini format … my leaf stamp is a small one from the Awesome Blossom set by The Alley Way Stamps, so wasn’t big enough to work well for a whole card.  I marked out a simple grid, masked the card base, stamped the leaf mostly in different greens, added a PTI sentiment, drew in black lines top and bottom and finished with a couple of gems to tie in with the pink leaf.  Done … um … not.

I’d like to say that the aperture showing the pink leaf on the inside was an intentional design feature … but if I did, horrid things would happen to me because it’d be a BIG fib.  It was more like a rescue mission after a ‘why-didn’t-you-leave-well-alone-it-was-fine-as-it-was’ moment.  The original pink leaf on the front of the card was ever so slightly indistinct … so dipping into my slight (!) perfectionist tendencies I tried restamping it.  REALLY bad move … it turned into a splodgy mess.  What to do … can’t cover it up (it’s for OLW), can’t undo it (trying would make the splodge even more messy), maybe the paper bin (shame, I liked it).  Then it came to me, direct from my recent Insider Class … cut out the splodge and take the design to the inside … eureka!  So that’s what I very carefully did … and will add a fun sentiment inside when I’m ready to use it … hopefully it will make the recipient smile!

Before I go, I have some new followers to say hello to … Kate from katescardcorner (a long time blogger with lots to explore), Betty K in Australia, an enthusiastic non-blogging card maker, and jkrohyo (a non-card making blogger) … welcome to you all and thank you 🙂

That’s it from me for now … just time to link before bed … I’ll be back in blogland tomorrow for a good dose of inspiration.  In the meatime, thanks so much for popping in, your visits and comments are always a joy!  Anita 🙂

15 thoughts on “One Layer Wednesday #162 (Leaves)

  1. djkardkreations

    Fantastic save, Anita! Even genius, I’d say! It is definitely a card worth saving!

    (I really got a kick out of it because I originally made almost this EXACT card for my MUSE card post yesterday and then decided to go the other way. I’ve saved the “smile” one for another day, but, wow, that would have been funny if I had posted it – great minds think alike!!) Hugs, Darnell

  2. Geri G

    First of all….great save!!!

    Your clever idea created a fabulous cool design! I never would have imaged that this was by accident – looks perfect with the bright pop of pink peeking from the inside of your card. Main thing is, you jumped into save mode and performed a miraculous de-splodging maneuver that resulted in an awesome card! Well done dear friend!

    PS – the leaves….stamping perfection!

  3. Ardyth

    Design opportunities (AKA accidents/splodges/smudges/fingerprints) are wonderful and this one is no exception! love the pops of pink!

  4. hannelie

    Oh how I know that moment.In Afrikaans we have a saying…’ spyt kom altyd te laat ‘… go on and translate that and you will know exactly what I mean!
    But… in the end… awesome!

  5. c

    A+++ on using your Insider *smarts* with this card! Fabulous peek-a-boo leaf – and the pops of pink amongst the greenery is just sooooo eye-catching! I need to revisit the Insider lessons; thanks for the reminder, especially since I have a few “renovations’ to deal with on some of my cards! Your comments on my blog have me happy dancing! wonderful to be back; wonderful to catch up; and most wonderful to know you’re still around, popping in with words that just touch my heart!! Hugs to you, dear friend!!

  6. Joyce M.

    This is just fabulous. I love the design. I am shocked to hear that the aperture was the result of a mistake. It is a fabulous feature, and I thought you designed the card around it. Good for you!

  7. kimheggins

    Simply amazing card Anita…what a wonderful design and that pink leaf is simply stunning. You have an incredible eye for style and color and this card really showcases your beautiful talent.

  8. sheryruss

    I think that was a fantastic save, Anita — from a splodgy mess into an even more cool card! All the greens and splash of pink kept me smiling as I admired your card.


  9. sheila77

    Enjoyed your story about the pink leaf. Just proves once more that a mistake is a design opportunity which you took so well. It’s another very attractive card.


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