CAS-ual Fridays #122 (Out on a Limb)

There’s Clean and Simple … and then there’s Ultra Clean and Simple …

CFC 122

See what I mean?  I’m playing along at CAS-ual Fridays, where we’re asked to feature a tree or trees …so here’s a tree (Waltzingmouse) … with a double Glossy Accented and Wink of Stella’d heart (WPlus9).  Oh, and a sentiment (WPlus9/Waltzingmouse).  It was also going to be for One Layer Wednesday, where Susan’s theme was ‘love’ (which explains the one layer and the heart),  but I left it too late to post, so the deadline’s well and truly gone.

I have to admit to be a smidge tweaky about this card and it’s minimalist UCAS-ness … and am still sensing a need to add something to it … restraint is currently winning the battle!

Hope you’re having a wonderful week … thanks so much for coming by, your visits and comments are a joy!  Anita 🙂

23 thoughts on “CAS-ual Fridays #122 (Out on a Limb)

  1. Char

    I think this is a wonderful card! You were brave to stop where you did, but it really works. Thanks for inspiring me and encouraging me with your cards.

  2. Geri G

    STEP AWAY FROM THE CARD!!! Hand up where we can see them!

    This is absolutely stunning and so beautifully clean and ultra simple! The winked up wee heart says it all. Adding anything more would steal its thunder…and you wouldn’t want to do that!

    PLUS…the gorgeous textured paper alone would garner recognition from paper judges everywhere 🙂

  3. Kelly Griglione

    Get some rope and have someone tie your hands behind your back! Love, love how graphic your very CAS card is! Really well done, Anita! Thanks so much for joining the CAS-ual Fridays Challenge : )

  4. cmayne

    Woo hooooo on your CF shout out!! Well-deserved!! LOVE that card! Off to continue proofreading the thesis…wow, learning lots even though my eyes are going buggy!!
    Happy Saturday!


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