Muse #50 (Therese Calvird), SSSM 13/1 (Anything Goes)

It’s been a while since my bird friends paid a visit … I’ve missed them … so today they were invited round to play …

Muse 50, SSSM 13-1



Therese‘s fabulous inspiration card at Muse this week was perfect for this bunch … fun, bright, happy, colourful (check it out further down) …  and they’re also going to be popping in to see what’s going on at Simon Says Stamp Monday’s Anything Goes challenge.

Each bird was stamped on white cardstock, coloured with Promarkers and trimmed out … mostly easy peasy.  The pink and green kiwi, however, insisted on being closely cropped along the back (apparently it’s his best side) so it took a little extra care to make sure he looked just right (he’s rather proud of plumage).  The gravel path is courtesy of an Annabelle Stamps border image and these guys wandered onto it to check it out … I helped out a little with the staging via some different depth foam dots.  You’ll notice there’s no sentiment … that’s because they’re a chatty lot and couldn’t choose just one thing to say … I’ve left it to them to decide something suitable before tomorrow, when they’ll be winging their way to a friend who’s recently celebrated a landmark moment.  I’m hoping that after a good night’s sleep they’ll agree on a few perfect words.

Thanks so much for your suggestions on alternatives for die cutting if my Cricut doesn’t respond to treatment.  The news isn’t too good … the easy fixes have been tried and it’s still not working, so it may be the circuit board that needs a solder repair or bypass.  Oh good, some more new skills to learn!

That’s it from me for the weekend … I do hope you’ve had a fabulous one.  Thanks so much for coming by, your visits and comments are always a joy!  Anita 🙂

Therese’s fabulous inspiration card …

           Simon Monday Challenge Blog

50 thoughts on “Muse #50 (Therese Calvird), SSSM 13/1 (Anything Goes)

  1. Shery

    Love your card, Anita! The colors and the birds make this a very fun, happy card. Sorry to hear about your Cricut (I don’t own one; almost did but returned it) — I hope they get sorted out!

  2. serendipitydragonfly

    Gorgeous fun card Anita – those birds are a.m.a.z.i.n.g! Definitely agree that you had to take extra care with the pink and kiwi birdie. Am sure they will have decided on a suitable sentiment by the,morning!!! lol

    Karen x

  3. c

    Tilt your head slightly west, and that noise you hear..uh, huh, that’s me squealing in glee at your colourful feathered flock! Each one is sheer delight, especially Mr, Kiwi,(who must have done something to widen the eyes of his little blue mate). Gee willikers, but they are so sweet…your hen is even pecking the gravel (umm…how brilliant is that to include)1 Winner for the challenges; winner for making my day sparkle. Off to give them yet another gander…such cuteness warrants more gazing and admiration (and silly giggles, too)!

  4. Ardyth

    This made me laugh out loud. I love what you accomplish with these birds! This is a very (aviary! lol!) fun take on this week’s Muse – so glad you joined us!

  5. Andrea Ockey Parr

    This is such a lovable card! Those birds can’t help but make anyone smile and I am totally impressed with your fussy-cutting skills (especially on the mischievous little kiwi)! I really liked the depth you added with the foam dots and your coloring was top notch. I also absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed your write-up! It was so entertaining to read and was full of wit and humor as well as helpful information. What a joy it was to see this card and read about how it came to life. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us for this week’s Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!

  6. Joyce M.

    Absolutely gorgeous collection of birds. They are each so colorful, and together they form quite the party on your card. I love that they cannot agree on a sentiment.

  7. Geri G

    Let me start by saying….winner, winner ‘chicken’ dinner! Finally, the word ‘chicken’ fits the card!!!

    Easy peazy ‘trimming’ you say….sure the kiwi has some fancy feathers that stayed perfectly in tact…but that second gal from the end….who has her face right in the gravel, has two pretty ‘fine’ joints of feathers to body! I likely would have sheared off the tail feathers as well as her little crown and no one would have been any wiser!!!

    Your choice of colors and your coloring technique is amazing! But your design is out of this world fabulous! My new #1 favorite Anita From France card!!!

  8. Shirley-bee

    Haha, this is fabulous! This isn’t just a card to make someone smile, it’s a card to make someone laugh out loud and go back for another look, and come away grinning! Perfect execution – doesn’t even need a sentiment. It’s a winner!

  9. tracy745

    Lovely card, I love the fresh crisp design. The birds are just adorable and beautifully coloured. Thank so much for joining in the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. Tracy x

  10. Debbie Mallette

    Hi Anita, I love your bird friends card! It is fabulous! Can you please tell me what stamp set this is? Also, I really like the white cardstock you’ ve used – it has a very nice linen look to it. What kind of cardstock is it? Thank you so much. Debbie

    Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 22:52:54 +0000 To:

  11. Rosemary D

    squeee… those little birds are just so darn cute, anita!! i do especially like the pink and green little fella… his plumage is quite beautiful!!

  12. Kelly Griglione

    This is so perfect for the inspiration photo with the cupcakes! Love how you have the birds popped at different levels. And all that fussy cutting! Well worth it though.

    I feel bad for you on the Cricut. My friend’s Gypsy stopped working, and she had already given away all of her cartridges … yikes!!! She contacted Cricut but they wouldn’t help her. So she packed it all up and made the big switch to Slihouette. Hope you Cricut can still be revived!

  13. Gabby

    So very glad you won the MUSE top 3, Anita! Yours was my fav card and I certainly voted for it. I love bird cards and this one is grand … the birds, colors, CAS style. 🙂

  14. baileyrosy

    I don’t think this fantastic card needs a sentiment as its speaks volumes !!!!!!! ITS AMAZING ! I love the colors and the fantastic fussy cutting looks tricky to me. This is really one of my faces of yours.


  15. djkardkreations

    It’s so fun to see how many of our friends absolutely loved your adorable birdlet card, Anita, but it’s me, only ME, who gets to see and touch and love it first-hand! Whee! And the words they agreed on? Oh, yes, perfect!! Hugs of thanks, Darnell


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