Time Out #1 (Dancing In The Rain)

We’ve been having more rain (yuk!) with sunshine immediately afterwards … which means rainbows …

Time Out 1

I’m playing along at Time Out, the first brand new, bright and shiny challenge, created by the ever talented and delightful Sandie (London Days) and Nonni (korttikarkuri) … and leaving it a bit late in the day too … but I definitely wanted to join in, I think the idea of all the different fornights in a rota is brilliant!  This fortnight we’re inspired by words, with Dancing In The Rain as our inspiration … I’d love to dance under a rainbow shower!

The shower was stamped in loads of different colours using one wee stamp from WPlus9 … had a bit of practice first on scrap to make sure it’d all fit and be lined up!  I added the sentiment (from the same WPlus9 set) and I was done!

That’s it from me for now … a very full afternoon and evening ahead, but I’m hoping to do some meandering through blogland later tonight so I can catch up with everyone (I’m soooo behind, sorry!).  Thanks so much for coming by, your visits and comments are always a joy!  Anita 🙂

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43 thoughts on “Time Out #1 (Dancing In The Rain)

  1. hannelie

    We also had some rain during the night and almost the whole day now! So I really feel like dancing in the rain! we really appreciate rain in the desert! 🙂
    You made a stunning card Anita. A beautiful rainbow shower! Love it!

  2. Ardyth

    What a fantastic interpretation of the inspiration! And what I wouldn’t give for rain instead of snow. We’re still waiting for spring around here!

  3. Brenda

    Wow, I love this card Anita! Those “raining” hearts are just gorgeous in the rainbow shades. I love those little hearts. Is the stamp just a line of hearts and dots? The sentiment is just perfect with these hearts too. Rain does get old, but if the sun is coming out right afterwards giving you beautiful rainbows you are lucky! lol I love rainbows and don’t mind the rain if the day isn’t gloomy all day long. Here’s to more sunshine coming your way! Hugs

  4. Bev

    I’m calling winner with this one! Love this stamp set. What you’ve done with it is amazing. Bright colors with tons of white space on the perfect paper. GREAT card, my friend. Love it! : )

  5. sheryruss

    Got my daily email dose from you on my phone and had to get up so I can see your card better on my computer! Love the rainbow-colored heart-string rains in this card, Anita! It’s one of those cards that put a big smile on my face! So happy you joined us at Time Out!


  6. Geri G

    The colors you chose make this beyon sweet and pretty and full of love! Awesome stamping!!! You created beautiful movement and flow by varying the lenghts of the “heart chains” (as Desire called them). Wanna trade a bucket of rain for a 5 foot hight snowbank?

    ….didn’t think so 😦

  7. Nonni

    What a stunning one layer! I love the rainbow colors and the way you were inspired by our challenge. Perfect stamping too! 🙂 Thanks for joining us at TIME OUT.

  8. Shona Chambers

    How funny that we have both been using a vertical line of hearts stamp!! Yours looks amazing, love the rainbow effect. How did you do that?? I’ve got a rainbow heart card as well to post but its not as nice as yours. And love the sentiment you used, its perfect!! It has only rained here once in the past 3 weeks, I would love to be dancing in the rain!!!

  9. Skye

    A beautiful card. Love the the raibow colours and the stamp did a terrific job. After the rain yesterday we had a gorgeous sunset framed by a rainbow. It was very pretty.

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Details on my blog.

  10. Rosemary D

    this is such a fun card, anita! love the rainbow colored “raindrops”!! we have been having lots of rain,too… sadly no rainbows, though!

  11. Petra

    Oh boy, I DO like this card a lot, Anita!! You little hearts are so much fun and so clever to do them in the colours of the rainbow for the challenge!! Your sentiment is perfect to go with your rainbow of hearts!! The is really stunning!! Great card!!
    Have a super Friday!!
    Greetings from Africa!!

  12. c

    First, I thoroughly and completely enjoyed your blitz of comments on my blog! You can visit whenever you want, as often as you want! I’ll never tire of hearing from you; your comments add more sparkle than you can possibly know! Your card: stunning! The cascade of rainbow hearts: what a wonderful way to bathe someone with the essence of love! Gorgeous! Speaking of rain, or rather, snow – my husband and I embarked on a wee road trip, in hopes of finding sun, warmer weather and dry roads for him to ride his new bike. Let’s just say, we’re cosy and warm in our little vacation rental, watching the rains and snows from a ‘different’ location! He did get on the bike for a short ride though, so that’s a plus! Hope your day is filled with sun and rainbows! Hugs~c

  13. Jenny M

    I’m with you, a shower of rainbow hearts would make those rainy days brighter!! Love the concept and neat stamping, the different lengths of the strings make a great design :0)

  14. born57

    This dancing heart rain is gorgeous! Love this! Sorry I missed your party. A very happy belated birthday to you Anita!

  15. Tracey McNeely

    Anita I didn’t think I would find the bottom of the list to comment! 😉 Your stamping is so amazing and what an exercise in patience. Beautifully aligned–awesome!

  16. djkardkreations

    I’m behind on my visiting, too, Anita, sorry! I loved your BIG thank you and this rainbow shower is another winner, too, I’m sure of it! Your cards are always standouts! I think it’s silly that you take online classes when you should be TEACHING online classes!!

  17. Beverley

    Well done Anita on your Honours at Time Out. I just loved your card, the colours and the idea so pretty and so clever. Thank you too for your very kind comments on my blog.
    Like I said there is so much positivity out there and some very clever and talented crafters.
    Crafty Hugs Beverley
    Mac Mable

  18. djkardkreations

    Well, that didn’t take long! I’m back the next day to congratulate you on the well-deserved honor from TOC, Anita!! Hugs, Darnell

  19. Joyce M.

    Such a bright and beautiful rainbow. Great idea to take a tiny stamp and just go to town with it. Your stamping is straight and fabulous. Tell me you have a big pile of card stock in the recycle bin–that is always what happens to me when I do so much stamping on one card.

  20. Geri G

    Hey there pal! Just saw your Honors shout-out at Time Out! Well done and well deserved! I’m happy as ever to see you back in our little world!


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