Happy Birthday, Darnell!

I made this card for a very special friend … someone who needs no introduction because you already know her as a warm, generous, enthusiastic, hilarious, clever, hammy-loving ultra talented card maker.  Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Darnell … may your day be filled to the brim with joy and love … and may your year ahead be one of laughter, delight and fun!

Happy Birthday DarnellThe French Dawn Chorus (their professional name!) made a special trip to sing for you, Darnell … you saw the quartet over at your challenge … well, here’s the full choir!  Here, they’re just tuning up and recovering their equilibrium (in a very demeure and winged fashion) after scaling Mount NBUS, newly named highest mountain in California.  The clear air is excellent for their voices and of course, the lack of anything quite as high for miles around means that their melodious music carries beautifully.  So, my lovely friend, I hope you’ll be able to hear them as they join together to sing you their happy birthday song (same tune as the English version) …

Joyeux anniversaire, heureux anniversaire,

Tous nos voeux sont sinceres, pour ton anniversaire.

Tes amis aujourdhui, se sont tous reunis,

Ton bonheur on l’espere, pour ton anniversaire!

I translated the birds’ greeting on your card as these sweet oiseaux only sing in French!  Just so you know, whilst they made the trip to Mount NBUS, it means they’re not with you in person today … but they will be, their little wings are flapping as we speak!

There are two celebrations going on for Darnell … and you’re all invited to both of them.  Bev has thrown open the doors at Happy Dance for a mega party that you really won’t want to miss … and Ardyth has Mr Linky making a special appearance at Maskerade to collect up all your birthday greetings.  So when you’ve made your card, you can link it up there and Darnell will be greeted with a sea of love when she sees them all!  If, however, you’re an alien who’s only recently arrived on earth and therefore you don’t know Darnell … you’ll want to pay her a visit before you go home again.  It’ll be sooooo worth your while … and you can share the experience with your fellow aliens on your return!

Thanks so much for coming by, your visits and comments are always a joy!  Anita 🙂

34 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Darnell!

  1. Sandie

    Darnell is going to love this Anita, all these French birds in wonderful colours!! I am on my way home so sure hope I get to mar a card for her xx

  2. Bev

    The French Dawn Chorus…I about fell off my chair! What a delightful post, and what an amazing card for our very own Miss D.! Aren’t these parties just the most fun?! I’m so glad we get to celebrate our darling Darnell. Can’t wait till she starts seeing all the posts/cards online today!! So much love out there. Incredible community, incredible friends. So glad you partied along…I know you wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Me either! : )

  3. hannelie

    A fabulous card for Darnell, Anita! I love everything about it! From the bright colorful choir to the speech bubble . Not to mention the loving words for a friend dear to us all!

  4. Deepti

    French Dawn Chorus 🙂 awesome!! Loved to read ur little post, u r so sweet and the choir is so beautifully colored , I love it

  5. Brenda

    Super cute and whimsical card Anita!! I too made a card for Darnell, but dang it wouldn’t you know I forgot to photograph it. Guess I will have to make another one. lol Hugs, Brenda

  6. Bobby

    You’re beginning to sound like Darnell with your witty banter and Darnellisms. Great read. 😉
    And the card is just perfect for her. I (and she) love a chorus of silly birds. (I just got this stamp).

  7. Michele Ferguson

    Anita!! Loved your singing – beautiful voice by the way =] I can never get enough of these birds, in a chorus? All the better. Darnell will love it, I’m sure of it.

  8. donna mikasa

    Wonderful post dedication and such a fun, colorful card! I love those chickadees and Darnell will, too!

  9. Geri G

    Well pal…it seems we are both at our computers at the same time…half way around the world from each other! Thanks for you sweet comments on the card I made for Darnell.

    Your sweet creation is sooooooo going to have Darnell chirping and whistling and flappin’ her wings in absolute sheer delight of this card! This handsome flock of avian minstrels, decked out in a fabulous visual extravaganza of plumage colors, will no doubt serenade her in perfect nine-part harmony! Although, a few of the fellas seem to be a bit more interested in finding bird seed on the ground rather that singing….likely all the young adolescent males!

    …in other words, this card ROCKS!!!

  10. kimheggins

    Wow…so much fun and those birds are so Darnell! I can just hear them singing happy birthday in french too, so fun and I am sure Miss Darnell will love your fabulous card. You are so amazing. Hope your fingers are feeling better, still sending prayers of healing your way.

  11. Shona Chambers

    What a wonderfully poetic post, I loved it and can imagine Darnell swooning over it too! Darnell is such a lovely person and certainly worthy of your pulling out all the stops for this magnificent card. The French Dawn Chorus are so colourful and look so good together singing away. We don’t have any exotic birds like this in New Zealand, I think they would get lost amongst all the sheep!! Must go and make a card for Darnell straight away!!

  12. Petra

    Oh, I’m lovin your French Dawn Chorus, Anita!!! This is such a fun card for Darnell and what a lovely post you have done!!!! Surely Darnell enjoyed this post as much as I did!!!

    Have a great day!!!

  13. djkardkreations

    Here I am, at last! So much going on here between my birthday and the fourth of July …

    Anita, you karacked me up totally and also made me feel all warm and toasty inside with your lovely compliments and resounding endorsement of my leetle blog. Thank you so much! The feelings are mutual!!

    I have so say, your French Dawn Chorus was quite invigorating! They have such great lungs to be able to sing like that after scaling Mt. NBUS!! I actually bought this set after your first card made with them (still NBUS, of course!). They are irresistible and the more the merrier! I’m delighted that this jewel of a card is headed my way so I can fondle it in person instead of just gazing at it wistfully on my monitor! Let’s not forget that your design is totally fabutastic and so going in my sketch folder, so thank you for that, too!!

    I hope your fingers are nearly healed and you have a wonderful weekend! Mwah! Darnell

  14. Joyce M.

    This is a fabulous card. Those birds are such fun. And, bilingual, too. Where are they from–I think a bunch of them may want to come home to live with me.

  15. laurafadora

    Such a cute birthday card for Darnell! I’ve always loved those adorable bird images. Love how you colored them and outlined your sentiment!

  16. baileyrosy

    Im so late in getting here and wow ! what a fabulous card, love the exaggerated speech bubble and those little birdies, so much fun and beautifully coloured just perfect for the lovely Darnell.


  17. c

    Anita!! I’m so tardy with comments – apologies! I’m here to catch up – and your sweet oiseaux who sing only in French, and who have summitted Mt. NBUS, are pure delights! Darnell’s love for this gem of dazzling amazement is seconded only by mine! If I had wings to flap, and a musical note in my singing repertoire, I’d be expressing my joy in fine feathered fashion. Brillant card; and an incredibly brilliant post! Oh, the joy of visiting….


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