Muse #133, SSS Monday 14/9, SSS Wednesday 16/9

Hello!  It’s been a mostly non card making weekend here … although I did manage to create a little something waaaaay outside my comfort zone for Muse tonight … where Michele has given us the most delicious and dramatic little number to be inspired by!  Here ‘s my take …

Muse 133, SSSM 14-9, SSSW 16-9and here’s Michele’s gorgeous creation … yep, stunning!

So … I feel the need to admit something which will probably have you throwing your hands up in horror … no judging please … I’m not a DP hoarder!  There, I said it!  In fact, my whole stash of DP is just a couple of centimetres deep, if that … so Michele’s challenge to use DP as a background was a smidgy bit of a stretch!  What I found is crisp and fresh rather than bold and dramatic … the closest match available!  My fluttery thing is a Clearly Besotted dragonfly (une libellule in French, which is a much prettier name for such a lovely thing!) … she has one pair of pink vellum wings and one pair of even more delicate white ones … and is gently pulling along a WPlus9 tag and sentiment on a silver thread.  Voilà!

Here’s where she’s fluttering off to …

MuseMichele F has provided our amazing inspiration this week!

SSS Monday – Love This Technique … die cutting, it appears on so many of my cards!

SSS Wednesday – Die Crazy … my petite libellule!

Hope your weekend’s been splendid … mine’s close to being over but I think I’ll just fit in a little blog wandering before bed!  Thanks so much for coming by, your visits and comments are always a joy!  Anita 🙂

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45 thoughts on “Muse #133, SSS Monday 14/9, SSS Wednesday 16/9

  1. born57

    Well, I think it’s beautiful! Yes, not your norm but you still made a beauty here,Anita!
    Hope you were busy with lots of other fun stuff. Sleep,well!

  2. Geri G

    A VERY successful step outside your comfort zone Anita! A pretty piece of printed paper with THE perfect accent being your sweet little tag carrying libellule (I agree…much kinder than ‘dragon fly’). Not sure if it is just me, but I see a nice bit of CAS with this DP – could be all the subtle shades of light greens that make the paper feel quite airy! Leaving the top layer of Ms. Libellule white adds to the airy feel as well. Love the bit of velum on the wings!

  3. susannev2014

    J’adore ta jolie libellule (the German name is very similar “Libelle”! Thanks for teaching me the French name, never knew it!). It is so lovely and delicate in front of this beautiful flowery paper!

  4. conil

    Here’s a confession for you. I own that dragonfly die and love it. Ask me if I’ve ever used it. The answer is no, and after seeing what you did with it, I’m kicking myself in the rear. I believe, despite that fact that you don’t hoard DP, that this is probably the loveliest card I’ve seen today. That’s saying a lot since I’ve been haunting everyone’s blogs. And, yes, you’re right the French for dragonfly is so much prettier than the English, as so many words are.

  5. chriss58

    Lovely DP with gorgeous colours and lovely organic elements! This is a perfect backdrop pour ta petite Libellule! As for comfort zone…I don’t think such boundaries exist for your talent :))
    Hugs and bisous! xoxo

  6. Michele Ferguson

    OH!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with your gorgeous card – though I did gasp, it was with glee, not horror over your lack of DP supplies! This makes me love you more, Anita – and you must know, I have enough for the two of us – but not much more than that! I hope you are as happy with your card as the rest of us – the paper is a perfect home for your dragonfly [by any other name would be as sweet to me, by the way – they are as welcomed to my fingertip as any butterfly]!
    Thank you so very much for playing cards with me at Muse this week, darling friend!

  7. Lisa Elton

    I think your look quite comfortable in this zone Anita!! This is just lovely, a fabulous take on Michele’s card! No worries on the small stash of DP, I”m sure there are MANY of us that have you covered LOL!!

  8. serendipitydragonfly

    Considering your severe lack of DSP stash you’ve created a beautiful card Anita! Love the delicate layered butterfly.


    Karen xxx

  9. foleysfriend

    Love your interpretation of Michele’s MUSE card. Votre libellule est tres jolie! The dragonfly looks so perfect in the beautiful garden.

  10. alexandra s.m.

    Very beautiful and clever use of patterned papers there Anita!
    Oui, la Libellule c’est quand meme bien plus joli que “la mouche dragon” ;o)
    Thank You~

  11. Bev

    So looks like I could send you a 50# box of dp and not even make a dent in my stash….haha. I love this card. No…. I LOVE THIS CARD. It is soooo pretty; “fresh” was the right descriptive word for this paper and is perfect for your damselfly. Her garden is too pretty to be a dragonfly. Though, Libellule is a much prettier word. I adore this. And I miss you. Every darn day…. bisous, bisous.

  12. kimheggins

    Anita….I must say you totally rock patterned paper and should use it more often! This is one fabulous, beautiful and incredible card. I love it!!!

  13. Joyce M.

    So gorgeous–Love the paper you chose, and that dragonfly–well you know how I feel about those! Looking forward to having the chance to perch some of your guys wayward cousins on one of my cards.

  14. Gerrina

    This card looks great! Love the red on green and putting the dragonfly on top of those gorgeous flowers makes that it looks like it’s just resting a minute there… Hugs, Gerrina

  15. Marisela Delgado

    Hola, Anita! Well, I’m sorry to say that dragonfly in Spanish isn’t as pretty or even dainty sounding as beautiful French. It’s “caballete.” Spanish is beautiful despite it. (ha-ha) Your card is simply lovely. So is Michelle’s. Okay, Anita, I have a dumb question (talk about being mortified), but what is DP? Either way, your card is simply beautiful. Your friend in Texas, Marisela

  16. jmhave44

    That is quite a confession for a cardmaker. I have to own up to buying paper anytime I see a 6×6 on sale, or a pretty piece that I just like. And I definitely like this pretty tropical themed card. Actually I think I prefer what you did to the inspiration piece, although it is truly lovely as well. I think the lighter pastel background with the hot ‘colored’ flowers is just lighter & has a very happy, sunshine feel too. And I loved the airiness of the dragonfly perched on the flowers, ready to fly away towing the cute tag sentiment by the silver thread. TFS & Hugs

  17. Shona Chambers

    Congrats on your win at Muse this week, it was totally deserved too!! That paper is so beautiful, love the colours and the flowers are so gorgeous. And that dragonfly is so precious with is tag on a string. Fabulous, fabulous card!!

  18. Claire

    I think that is the first time I have ever seen you use patterned paper on your card – and what a gorgeous one you’ve picked. Perfect for the simple dragonfly!

  19. Bobby

    I’m so late commenting that you’ve already gotten an HM for this gorgeous card, Anita. Obviously the DP doesn’t have to be dramatic, just stunning. Congrats!


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