Muse #147, SSS Monday – 4 January, SSS Wednesday – 6 January

Hello … bonjour!  Yesterday, I was sending sunshine … now I’m sending hugs …

Muse 147, SSSM 4-1, SSSW 6-1The lovely and awesomely talented Michele is our Muse this week … and has given us a fun pop of a card (below) to play with.  I was inspired by the monochrome-with-a-touch-of-red colour palette, the panel of hearts and the black stamped sentiment.  My rows of little SSS hearts were stamped using my MISTI (yay … I just loved writing that!) and I used a Papertrey die cut ‘hugs’ in place of Michele’s stamped panel.  The ‘hugs’ was cut from white card and red craft foam, stacked and adhered to the card base, and I nestled the Papertrey sentiment underneath it.  The tiny red hearts (Winnie & Walter) were cut from left over foam and they wandered around over the stamped panel till they found comfortable resting places.  One made it’s way all the way over to adorn the sentiment … obviously a bit of an adventurer!

I’m playing along with …

Muse – Michele … see below

SSS Monday – Something New … the SSS rows of hearts

SSS Wednesday – Something New … the same!

Finally, this evening … I’m experiencing a bit of an issue with commenting and am wondering if anyone else has had the same thing.  Sometimes, I’m obliged to confirm I’m not a robot … a range of pictures comes up with instructions to select those that meet a certain criteria (eg: all pictures with water) … and it can’t be bypassed!  Don’t know why it’s happening and it seems to be random.  I’m pretty sure that on occasion, I’ve left a comment and not realised that the ‘I’m not a robot’ box has come up before moving on.  It means that some of my comments are not being published … so if you’re missing some from me, I apologise … I’ve been by and have left you some love … but it’s being messed with!   If anyone knows what’s going on, I’d really appreciate a bit of guidance on resolving it!  Thanks!

Hope your weekend has gone/is going along wonderfully!  Thanks so much for coming by, your visits and comments are always a joy!  Anita 🙂


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39 thoughts on “Muse #147, SSS Monday – 4 January, SSS Wednesday – 6 January

  1. chriss58

    Oh, I Love this! Your take on Michele’s card is breathtaking! Love the teeny red hearts and where they rested 🙂
    I know what you mean about the MISTI!
    I hope that Iliana wins the “hot product” of the year tonight at CHA! I think it is a truly must have tool and I love mine too!

  2. Lisa

    What a CUTE take on Michele’s card, very sweet Anita!! I’m experiencing the robot issue too. Where DOES all of this goofy, time consuming junk come from??!!??

  3. serendipitydragonfly

    This is absolutely gorgeous Anita. Love the “hugs” sentiment die (had a look at the Papertrey website but couldn’t find it?). Haven’t succumbed to the MISTI yet and think I need more convincing that it’s worth the price……..


    Karen xxx

  4. susannev2014

    No matter what you send, be it sunshine or hugs, your cards are always creative and beautiful! This one is no exception!
    Sending you hugs back!

  5. djkardkreations

    It’s heavenly to see more cards flowing from your French countryside, Anita! This is another delight in every way and so perfect, again, for the challenges!

    As far as commenting, I had that robotic thing click in again last weekend, but only on some blogs. And it was only for one day and then it stopped. I guess we all need to realize that there are millions of minions employed in the intertube industry and, at some point, they must start to feel redundant and in imminent danger of losing their jobs, so they take to mucking about with this knob and that knob which results in “issues,” which they are then “needed” to fix, thereby reestablishing their job security. At least that’s the mental image I get of the mean little boogers who mess with us all the time! Having a glass of wodka helps with the imaging! It’s five o’clock somewhere! Enjoy your week!! Miss you and sending lots of HUGS just like your pretty card! Darnell

  6. Geri G

    …typed my comment…went to post it and it disappeared!!! Blogger has been freakin’ me out too – changed the font size to beyond micro-mini and I cannot figure out how to fix it! I did send an e-mail but really don’t expect a reply!

    Anyway, ’bout your card…I agree with Darnell….Vodka should work – although it might be a bit too early in the day to add it to my coffee!

    Yep – my new #1 Favorite Anita card of all time! The little red hearts steal the show – especially admire the brave little soul that ventured over to the far side of the card to make friends with Mr. “Hugs”.

    ….2nd try to post – hope it works!

  7. Joyce M.

    Love your interpretation of Michele’s card. Your stacked die cut hugs is wonderful, and I love the bit of red peeking out from underneath. Those little floating red hearts are the perfect finishing touch, especially that adventurous one! I have intermittently had the same problem with comments as you have. No ideas about how or why, sorry.

  8. Bobby

    The smiles across the miles are sure to bring a smile to someone’s face, Anita. I love the red foam behind the die cut and the roaming hearts add just the right pop of color. I’ve totally ignored all those “I’m not a robot”, except for one that you have to do math for (can’t remember who right now) and never had a problem. Hope this isn’t a trend. 😦

  9. BarbGhig

    Oh, this is such a sweet card, Anita! I love the rows of hearts with this charming die cut sentiment! I also love how you added the pop of red hearts, and how the red peeks out from behind the sentiment! Such a clever idea!
    I hope this ‘Robot’ issue passes quickly…I’ve had problems with it, too. Lately, I ignore it, and only deal with it if I’m forced ~ Hugs, Barb

  10. conil

    Question is…why aren’t you trying out for the SSS Monday design team??? Seems to me. with your cardmaking awesomeness you’d be a shoe-in. Just sayin’. As for this card, I know you get tired of hearing it but, it’s perfect…up to and including those rows of hearts. Although, think you might want to keep a closer eye on the red ones…there’s alway one that with misbehave.
    As far as the blogger thing, I’m with Darnell. I know the collective “they” just like to annoy us to death from their seedy little cubicles. Copious amounts of Wild Turkey help with my frustration level. This periodically happens to me but I appear to be receiving ALL your comments.

  11. Michele F

    Anita, sometimes, like now, I swear we are syncopated! i.e. see my CTS card for Thursday, made today, just before I read this post – I swear it!!! LOve your darling MISTI’d hearts, and that you’ve shared them with us at Muse! Just so darling!
    As for the the commenting problems … same here … I’m asked to log in to Google+ all day long!

  12. Dana

    Stunning Anita! I absolutely love everything about this card!

    I’ve experience the same thing you have while commenting. Sometimes I need to verify I’m not a robot by selecting photos, other times just checking the box is fine. I’m haven’t figured out why some and not others…

  13. Brenda L.

    I love your take on Michele’s card Anita! The little black hearts are fabulous and speaking of fabulous, isn’t the MISTI just that?!! I love your little red foam hearts too, they just pop among the black hearts. Your hug die cut looks great. Such a fabulous color combo, can one ever go wrong with black/white and red?!! Hugs, Brenda

  14. Rosemary D

    what a fantastic card, anita!!! love all the little rows of hearts!! so sorry that you are having problems commenting. blogger/google is always messing with something and making life difficult for everyone… wish they would just leave things alone!!

  15. Bev

    (Knocking on wood as I type this…) No Googly problems today for me. But that can change in the blink of an eye, or so it seems. Don’t forget, it’s new policy today over on Blogger too….Bleccchhhh! Why can’t they just leave well enough alone! Anyhoo… Brilliant card. LOVE that you’ve now got one of the best tools ever made – that fantastic MISTI. It’s been a life saver for me. And I love your debuted card. Those hearts are darling, and I love those sweet little traveling red ones. Wonderful card. Sweetly CAS. I’m thinking winner here…xoxo

  16. born57

    Sorry your having some trouble with Google ! ok so far here.
    Gosh your card is beautiful ,what a great way to put MISTI to work! It’s like getting new stamps all over. Enjoy!

  17. Andrea Ockey Parr

    This is such an absolutely charming card! I adore the side design you made with its hearts and how there are some that are red to give it that little pop of color. And that HUGS sentiment! WOW! Such incredible detail! I really like the elegant cut-out shapes on it that pair so nicely with the graphic hearts. You obviously have a great eye for design and this whole thing turned out beautifully. I’m so glad you shared your talents with us here at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!

  18. Cornelia (fun stamping)

    What a card! You Mistified those little hearts – I was wondering how you can stamp so accurately! This is just awesome! I think I am getting all your wonderful comments – would not want to miss them :))) – I usually just ignore the robot thing. I am very sure I don’t fall into that category and it works for me 😉

  19. cmayne

    An ingenious take on Michele;s card, filled with sweet hearts and a big ol’ hug! Another piece of eye-candy! Yes, I’ve been experiencing the ‘blogger control’ situations as well; rather tired of proving that I’m not a robot! Agree with Darnell: a glass of wodka might help!

  20. Petra

    Perfectly stamped little hearts, so cute with the red ones in between!!!! (I LOVE my MISTI, too!!) And that HUGS die is so lovely – such delicate little flowers on the letters!!!! A lovely card!!!!


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