CASEing Genius!

CASEing Genius 1Hello … bonjour!  I’m guessing you’ll all have heard of the amazingly talented and enthusiastic Kelly Latevola and her fabulous series called CASEing Genius, where she takes inspiration from a designer’s cards, creates her own masterpiece and shares it across the blogosphere.   Kelly celebrated her one year anniversary of the series towards the end of last year, and during it, asked those who entered her challenge to nominate a designer for her to CASE.  The sweet and lovely Bev at Happy Dance nominated me … eek (really?!) … and today, I’m excited, honoured and so delighted to be featuring over at You and Your Big Dreams in Kelly’s latest CASEing Genius post!

As this is a scheduled post, I haven’t seen Kelly’s card yet … but am so looking forward to it … I’ll be there as soon as I can to check it out!  If you’d like to pop over and take a look, you’ll find it here, along with a snippet or two of information about yours truly!  Thanks so much, Kelly for the feature … it’s been so fun … and an honour to be among so many awesome CASEing Genius Alumni!  Thanks so much too, to sweet Bev, for the nomination that started it all!

Finally, thanks so much to you for coming by … your visits and comments (even without me showing you a card!!) are always a joy!  Anita 🙂

35 thoughts on “CASEing Genius!

  1. BarbGhig

    Congrats on your well deserved feature, Anita! It was so fun to see a few of your gorgeous cards, and to learn a little bit about you!

  2. Brenda L.

    Congrats Anita, I am happy that Bev nominated you! You make such amazing cards, so I can understand why Bev nominated you. I love seeing Kelly color, she just blows my mind with her CASE’s as well as with her coloring. Now I’m off to see her CASE of you! Hugs Brenda

  3. cmayne

    Totally stoked to see your genius cased, my friend! You are a mentor to soooo many of us, as I proclaimed in my comment over at Kelly’s place! Certified scuba diver…fascinating!

  4. conil

    Are you kidding, I stalk you every day and think Bev and Kelly were so right to choose your genius…I’ll be back after I take a looksee.

  5. conil

    I’m back and notice Kelly chose some of my favorites from your extraordinary collection of cards. Yay, girl! Always knew your were a genius and a diver, as well. Wow…who knew. By the way, I’m an old movie junkie myself…grew up watching them…and, yes, Gregory Peck could take me home anytime.

  6. lollthompson

    Congrats on being honoured by Kelly. Enjoyed your interview and got to know a little bit more about you. 🙂 Great choices for your three favs … I can only imagine how hard it was to pick only three. Everything you make is so wonderful. xx

  7. Petra

    Big congrats on being CASEd by Kelly and being in the spotlight, Anita!!! So enjoyed the interview and what a great card Kelly made inspired by your three beauties!!!! You are so talented and are such an inspiration with your stunning CAS style!!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!!!

  8. chriss58

    Oh Anita! Congratulations on the feature from Kelly! It is such a great combination of your skills, style and technique :))) and she learned the Black Magic technique from my friend, Lydia! What a small and wonderful world.
    I just love what Kelly created and I am so happy for you ❤️❤️❤️
    Lots of bisous, mon amie! xxx…

  9. Tracey McNeely

    Anita congratulations! I just loved your interview and the cards that you shared with Kelly. Her CASE of you was fabulous too! Would love it if you shared a photo of you in your diving gear sometime–lol. I bet you have seen some fabulous things underwater!

  10. Nancy L.

    I drop by Kelly’s blog religiously as she is so talented and funny and was thrilled to see that you were selected as the next Caseing Genius! So happy for you Anita and so well deserved! Congrats!

  11. Lindsey L

    I’m back….love the cards she chose of yours. I recognized them (love that) and they were some of y very favorites…especially the balloon card. And I love that I learned more about you…a diver…wow! And I grew up watching Cary Grant movies…love that we have that in common. You are amazing, my friend!

  12. djkardkreations

    Congratulations, Anita! You so deserved the nomination and the honor of having Kelly interview and CASE you so brilliantly! That Bevie was so sweet to nominate all the BABES and seeing the features has been pure delight for me!! Miss you heaps!! xxoo Hugs, Darnell

  13. shirley-bee

    Congrats on your CASEing Genius feature, Anita! It’s always fun to find out new things about our blog buddies 🙂 Kelly certainly had plenty of inspiration to go at!

  14. Geri G

    Congrats fellow BABE! Fabulous article – awesome cards (Kelly NAILED her CASE’s) and great answers to the questions! Had no idea you were a certified diver! Are ya gonna pack your gear for the lakehouse and take a wee dive in the lake?

  15. Joyce M.

    Congrats on your featured post at Kelly’s. It was such fun learning more about you, and the cards she picked to highlight are wonderful examples of your vast talent.


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