Sew Happy We’re Friends!

Hello … bonjour!  I’m popping in with an apology today as I’ve not been around in blogland or in emailonia for a few weeks (apart from DT responsibilities that is).  Life outside of our lovely card making world has taken up much more time than usual … and that’s meant that my visiting and commenting has been almost non-existent.  When that’s happened before, I’ve always been able to come by afterwards to see and enjoy what you’ve been doing … and leave a few words on your latest post.  However, this time, I’m sorry to say that it’s not possible for me to do even that … my sanity would be at stake!  I’m pretty sure you understand me having to start from scratch and press the dreaded delete button … as you’ve told me before, most of us have been in such a situation (not easy is it!).  As a small token to show you how much I appreciate you … and to sum up my feelings about being part of this wonderful community … I have a very QACAS card to share …

… and it’s for each of you.  It’s not going to play along anywhere because it’s only for you, my sweet friends and followers.  Don’t you just love C9 Turnabout stamps and ready cut MFT stitched edged panels when you have only a few minutes to apologise!

Hope you’ve had (or are having) a happy weekend … looking forward to getting back to visiting you all starting tomorrow.  If you’re waiting for an email from me, thank you so much for being patient … I’ll get there!  As ever, thanks so much for coming by, your visits and comments are always a joy!  Hugs, Anita 🙂

27 thoughts on “Sew Happy We’re Friends!

  1. Judith Jarvis

    Such a pretty happy card and of course you have nothing to apologise for. We all know life happens and takes over sometimes x

  2. aimeslee

    Oh, vraiment? Pour moi aussi? Merci! Haha – tres ans de francais a l’ecole and this is all I can remember, so sad! It’s a thoroughly lovely card, the faux sew style is one of my faves. Glad you are back, mon ami! xoxoxo

  3. Mac Mable

    Such a sweet and beautiful card and thank you for making it for us all x So glad you are back and hope life settles down for you….Please never worry about leaving comments on my blog as I know you are there in thought x Sending hugs x

  4. lostinpaper

    ooh yes, I do adore the turnabouts, they are soo much fun and so clever too! I have been away on another camping trip this month, so I totally hear you about the ‘pressure’ to comment as we love to do, it’s because we actually ‘want’ to see and comment on all these amazing creations but reality is, it’s not always possible. So, no pressure and just enjoy this wonderful hobby of ours in this incredibly supportive community!

  5. Lisa Elton

    Don’t you worry one bit, as you said, we’ve all been there! Thanks for sharing this lovely little number with us Anita. My month has been a bit crazy, I feel for you! Hope things settle down for you soon.

  6. Rosemary D

    a lovely card, anita! i’m sorry that you have not been able to comment, etc. as you would like! I do hope that everything is cleared up now and that you will not continue to have problems! hugs!

  7. born57

    I hope everything is good now and you will have your crafty time back. I know what it is to Be too busy. Love your card and yes , I do love the turnabouts! God bless you Anita!

  8. Clelie

    Oh, Anita, I have been in a ‘hit and miss’ cycle here, too, for months and months. Just way too busy, and clearing whole pages of blogs in one press of the button…wondering what I was missing and feeling GUILTY for erasing all ‘their’ wonderful work! When I did find time to check-in, I noticed you were “quiet”. 😀 I hope all is well with you and Life will afford time to ‘play and create’. Thinking of you with a whisper of prayer for all Good Things to come your way.♥

  9. kimheggins

    So happy to see you back in blog world and with such an amazing and sweet card. Just love that wonderful wreath!

  10. Michele F

    Oh Anita! I’ve waited nearly a lifetime to have such a wonderful friend as you … no worries about a slight pause! I hope all that kept you away was joy-filled, mon amie! Thank you for such a gorgeous card – and I’m more than happy to share it with our fab family! lol

  11. Jeanne

    Such a lovely card, Anita! Thank you for sharing it! You are so sweet and generous and a beautiful friend. I have that stamp and haven’t used it nearly enough. I do hope things are settling down for you. I well know what it is like to be caught up in life! As you well know, I don’t get to post nearly enough on my blog and comments can be sporadic from me as well. Please know that I am cheering you on! Big hugs and take good care of yourself. 🙂

  12. djkardkreations

    Thank you, my little friend! That was so sweet of you and your card is beautiful! As we’ve talked about before, we all understand, so absolutely no worries. Here in Vancouver, I’m having to hit Shift Delete for all the incoming posts. It IS very hard to do, but sanity is more important and it happens to all us, love. We’ll always be here when life lets up on you and you’re able to create and share! LYAMYLALMA! WYIH!! Hugs, Darnell

  13. catcraig

    So good to see your card. No worries about life throwing you out of your routine. Deleting and starting over is good. If it is important you’ll get another email. Sending you hugs and wishes for a more normal routine, at least time to play if not visit and comment. Hugs.

  14. Gerrina

    As a friend of mine says: Shit happens… And I sometimes have the feeling there happens so much in such short time and it goes on and on…You just have to stop and get in order what you have to do and where you can get some needed time back from…so totally understand and hope to see you back with more time and having fun in blogging! Hugs, Gerrina

  15. conil

    Not to worry, my friend. I’ve been so MIA at times that I never make up for what I lost. Your sweet, beautiful card makes up for all of it. No apology necessary. MWAH!

  16. Bobby

    I’m in the same boat so I truly understand, Anita. I started going through emails (I was up to 180) and finally decided to just delete a bunch. It was so sweet of you to make a card for us though. You’re such a wonderful friend and I hope things calm down for you.

  17. Kara

    Such a lovely card, and the feeling is mutual! You never have to feel guilty for not commenting! Sanity is important, and we all feel your love!

  18. noraln44

    This is so pretty!! I love the delicate design. I totally get where you are coming from. I hate when life gets that busy!!

  19. Sharron Gregory

    Oh, I love your sweet card–so delicate and pretty! I know exactly how you feel. I haven’t been able to keep up with visits either. Things have gotten so hectic that I just couldn’t manage to make trips around to leave comments. Hopefully things will slow down soon!!

  20. BarbGhig

    Firstly, I want to say there is no need to apologize, Anita! You are missed, but that’s because you are so loved by all of us!
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful card with us…I love how you created using your Turnabout stamp and your color palette is so pretty! Sending big hugs ~ Barb xx

  21. Tracey McNeely

    Never any need to apologize Anita! Life takes some unexpected turns. I am top of the list for people who have not been touring around blogland, life gets busy. This card is elegant, delicate and so beautiful! xoxo

  22. Cathy R

    Your card is so beautiful and thoughtful, as are you! When life gets in the way, it’s important to take care of yourself and the situations arising, It happens to all of us at times and this community is so very supportive, hope things settle for you soon, Cathy x

  23. Barbara Roe

    You keep so busy with your cards and your house renovation it is not surprising you NEED a break. I feel bad when I don’t respond to only a couple of friend’s posts but that is what happens when have other obligations. I think all of us can say we miss you but understand.
    Love the sweet card Anita. God Bless, Barb

  24. Greta H

    I totally understand your situation, Anita & it’s good you could admit that you needed to just begin fresh. Lately I’ve been doing some serious thinking about priorities & how short life is. This card is so sweet & reminds me I really need to use my Turnabouts!

  25. Claire A

    What a lovely sentiment Anita – we seem to be in a very similar situation..ongoing house renovations (on and off for 12 years now) and trying to fit card making in between it all. I have so little time to comment and I always feel bad about it. One day the renovations will be over and it will be comments galore for us both! This one’s a beauty by the way….so soft and pretty. I love the blue hues you’ve used!

  26. Cornelia (fun stamping)

    This is so pretty! Pairing it with the stitched border die is brilliant! No need to apologize. I am even more behind than you.I had so many things at once, i thought I am going to disintegrate…. well, I didn’t, puhhh…..even missed one DT assignment. Just could not get it done. That was a first for me…. it’s a tad better now….


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