Summer Blooms And A Pause

Hello … bonjour! You might have noticed in recent times that I’ve designed, made and posted fewer and fewer cards … and have been around in blogland to visit, comment and respond less and less. This is because life outside our creative world has become fuller … and that means the time I have available for playing cards with you all (in every sense) has diminished significantly.

It’s taken some gentle thinking and quiet reflection for me to realise that regardless of how much I want to, keeping every plate spinning isn’t possible at the moment, and that the time has come for me to take a break (a temporary pause if you will) from card making and blogland. So, this will be my last post for a while … but I will be back!

I’ll wave you off with a card I made some time ago using some of my favourite things … lots of white space, a single layer, florals, watercolouring, blue hues … and hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

As my pause starts in just a few more words, I’d like to say thanks so much in advance for your comments … as always, I will be reading, enjoying and appreciating every word. I look forward to seeing you all again before too long … and in the meantime, wish you a healthy, joy-filled, creative and very happy summer (or winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere!). Hugs, Anita 🙂

31 thoughts on “Summer Blooms And A Pause

  1. Bobby Hagen

    I am so going to miss you and your wonderful, thoughtful and well worded comments, Anita. I was hoping that the Lakehouse retreat would still happen and we could be together for real again before we all get too old. 😉 Speaking of myself of course. I do hope things calm down for you, my friend, and we see you again with your lovely card creations. Love and Hugs.

  2. Claire A

    Anita, what a beauty to go out on…temporarily of course! This is a stunner – I clearly need some watercoloring lessons from you. Hope all is well with you. Blogland is always here – ready and waiting for your lovely comments. Have a wonderful Summer – I’m sure you’ll come back revived and in a better headspace to get creative x

  3. Barbara Roe

    Anita you are going out with a bang — a gorgeous card created by a talented and charming friend. Wishing you and Dominic all the best and think of you both fondly. Our lives have changed since we shared a wonderful time in Bordeaux. Our French vacation (and great photos) bring me great joy and I am so grateful you both were a part of the eventful trip. I would be unable to embark on it now but thrilled it was on my bucket list. God bless both of you.
    Love, Barb and Cal

  4. Marisela Delgado

    My sweet friend, a gorgeous card as always. Email response on the way. YOU ARE LOVED, ANITA!

  5. Clelie

    An absolutely BEAUTIFUL card…from the gorgeous watercolouring right down to the delicate spatters (sooo hard to do, I think! ☺). I have noticed your absence and am glad to know you are well. All the best to you!♥

  6. Tracey McNeely

    Oh Anita, I understand your words more than you know. I love how you said that life has become fuller for you. What a great analogy! Life has become fuller for me too and right now I don’t have as much time to do the things I love like being creative! You left us with such a gorgeous card and you will be back. Take care of you! ❤️🥰

  7. TK

    Exquisite! That flower is fabulous in every sense of the word, Anita! And now…. I’m sad to see you less and less but life is VERY full, so enjoy your time, and we’ll wait patiently for your spectacular return ❤

  8. Jeanne H

    I too will miss seeing your smiling face on your blog and your wonderful cards. Your comments are always gracious. Take good care and I’ll look forward to seeing you whenever you return to blogland. Hugs from MN.

  9. papierelle

    This is a stunning card!!! And it would be a real shame if we didn’t see any more cards from you in the future. But you promised you’d just take a break. That’s good and right, we all need a break like this from time to time.
    Enjoy the time and I’ll be happy when you come back!! Hugs Gundi

  10. sandie

    One beautiful card. I can so understand that crafting has to take a back seat time times and one day it will draw you back or not, whatever feels right whenever it does, in the meantime, take care. We will miss your inspiring card, your sunshine comments but will know your support is always there…..and my support is always with you my dear friend xx

  11. Mac Mable

    What a beautiful card and so very you x. I totally understand Anita and I too have less time to blog and craft x. Thank you for your very kind and generous comments on my blog and for your blog friendship, which I have cherished. Have a fabulous Summer and hopefully ‘see’ you soon in blogland x. Sending hugs x.

  12. Jeanne

    Thank you for sharing this absolutely gorgeous card as you take your break. You have been and will be missed by many, me included. I hope you enjoy your fuller life and will come back when you are able. Thank you for all the beauty you have shared. Big hugs!

  13. Lisa Elton

    Life does get crazy busy and we all understand your need for a break. I’ll miss you and look forward to seeing your posts pop up in my mailbox again. Until then, thank you for this beautiful card you’ve left us with! XO

  14. Gerrina Poncin

    So hope that all in your life is not just working! Hope you will have the time to enjoy all the little and big beautiful things! I will miss you and looking forward when you will be back1 Your card is a stunning one and so beautifully coloured! Sending love and hugs, Gerrina

  15. conil

    Hoping your summer is full of everything that makes you happy. As happy as you’ve made all of us with your beautifully crafted cards for all this time. And this card is no exception. Such a lovely way to say adieu. We’ll miss you.

  16. djkardkreations

    You are taking a pause and leaving us with my new favorite card of yours, Anita! You have really brought the flowers to life with your exquisite painting! I know I’ve seen that stamp before, but I forget who makes it, so when you get a minute, can you let me know? Thank you. And thank you for letting us know that you are taking down one of your spinning plates … temporarily! It is nice to know when our friends let us know, rather than be left wondering and worrying. You will be (and have been already) greatly missed, so I look forward to your return when you are able! LYAMYED! KYIMTAP! Hugs, Darnell xxoo p.s. I just scrolled up again to double-check that you didn’t mention the stamp maker. I see that you have tagged SSS, so I shall go off and look there! Mwah!

  17. lostinpaper

    How wonderful that your life is so full, I totally understand the feeling of ‘juggling’ too much but it our loss not to have you around at the moment. But I will look forward to seeing you back here with your beautiful clean and simple designs that have always inspired me. Big Crafty hugs Therese x

  18. catcraig

    Anita, your card is beautiful. That you had to consider taking a pause, says to me you need the pause. I hope you are able to enjoy your time with one less constant taking up space on your must do list. You’ll be missed.

  19. Brenda Lawrence

    I can totally relate as you know I tend to disappear with my blogging and commenting, although I will look at times but just not comment! So do what you need to do Anita and just know we all love you to pieces! Enjoy your summer as that is what summer is meant for. Love this gorgeous watercolor card! I so need to learn how to watercolor like this but doubt I will ever learn how. lol Big hugs,Brenda

  20. Rosemary D

    A gorgeous CAS design, Anita! I shall miss seeing your lovely comments, but completely understand the need for crafty endeavors to take a backseat for the time being. I will be looking forward to the day when you are able to return to not only leaving lovely comments, but delighting us with your lovely designs! Take care, my friend! Sending hugs and smiles across the miles!

  21. katelesh

    Your artwork and wordcraft will be sadly missed Anita. Take care and if you’re up north, drop me a line and perhaps we can meet up! Hugs, Kate!

  22. BarbGhig

    Hello, Anita ~ I thought I would stop by to say hello, and for some reason, I can’t seem to find my previous comment…is it possible that I forgot to hit ‘post comment’? In that case, I want you to know how much I LOVE this gorgeous card! Your watercoloring is stunning with all those beautiful shades of blue and your CAS design is sheer perfection!
    I hope all is well and that you are staying healthy. I do miss you, but we all need a break sometimes…sending big HUGS ~ Barb xx

  23. Tracey McNeely

    Bonjour my friend! As I am making my way around to a few blogs tonight for the first time in forever I have seen your words at a few stops. I have been on a crafty hiatus myself. For a lot of reasons but I like your words about the spinning plates the best. Hope you are enjoying the things that are taking up your time and I can’t wait to see you on your return! xoxo

  24. Mac Mable

    Just popping in to say what super cute cards for the final twofer challenge and I know you are not blogging etc but I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for all your amazing inspiration x. Sending hugs Anita x.


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