WPlus9 Birthday Week 4 (Stretch It)

Third (yikes!) and final post for tonight … this time with a QACAS card (Darnell-ese for Quick and Clean and Simple) …

WPlus9 Bday 4

This is my final entry at WPlus9‘s birthday party … I’m stretching myself using washi tape for the first time … courtesy of my sweet friend Joyce, who sent me a whole load after I mentioned it was something I’d never used.  This is just some of it … thanks so much again, Joyce!

Given that I’m so late to the washi party, it’s probable that most of the world has already made a similar banner before, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.  I wrapped strips of washi tape around a pre-measured piece of twine, trimmed them into triangles and attached the banner to the panel with brads.  The sentiment’s made from three WPlus9 stamps, curved on my block to match the banner.  I popped the panel up on foam dots on the card base and I was done!

If you’re still here after all three posts … thank you … what staying power!  I really appreciate your visits and comments … they’re always a joy!  Anita 🙂

17 thoughts on “WPlus9 Birthday Week 4 (Stretch It)

  1. Harriet Skelly

    Hi Anita! I have viewed all three posts today – you’ve been busy and very creative. You must be a few inches taller for all the stretching you’ve done! :o) Sorry, I had to say that !! Have a great week!

  2. Susanne V.

    Ha, I am glad that I am not the only one cranking out several posts today! Love your fun banner! I have to use my washi tape more and this is a great idea

  3. Geri G

    Well, I’m starting from this top post so I can hardly wait to scroll down and see the others! Fabulous washi tape creation! I love the vibrant colors! (I only have 3 rolls and the colors are all pretty blah…not at all vibrant like these are!) Sweet and QACAS…perfect combo!

  4. hannelie

    I’ve GOT to get out mu washi tape again!
    Love your use of it , and yes vibrant is the correct word… borrowed from Geri!

  5. serendipitydragonfly

    Really like this card Anita – that bunting is so pretty and the sentiment fits perfectly.

    Karen x

  6. c

    You can post 20 times a day, and I’d never to bored, because you’re always creating something dazzling, delightful and amazing! Your little washi tap banner: super fantastic!! Hugs~c

  7. djkardkreations

    Just darling, Anita! For your first time using Washi, this is the cutest way to do it!! Hugs, Darnell

  8. Petra

    Oh, I love working with washi tape!! You’ve done a great job with the banner and the sentiment fits the curve of your banner perfectly!! Such a cheerful card – Lovely!!

  9. Jenny M

    That’s a really creative way to use washi tape…… I only ever use it to hold dies still whilst going thought the bigshot!!! Pretty colours for a banner :0)


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